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The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Estate Planning


Your values matter.  

Passing them on to the next generation is part of building your legacy.


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Who Needs an Estate Plan?

What Happens without an Estate Plan?

Families have been completely destroyed in court as they battled in the wake of a loved one's passing or incapacity.

Without the right plan, legal fees will drain your estate as the state decides who should parent your children and who should control your assets.

You and your family lose legal protections and wealth preservation strategies by not taking the right steps now.

If you are an avid fan of HGTV, you've seen projects go sideways for do-it-yourselfers.

That is even more true in the legal field, where one unmade decision or one missing form can impact your family for a lifetime.

Trust a professional to help you put together a solid plan that will sustain and protect your family.

Can I do it Myself?


Already have an estate plan?  While D-I-Y is not recommended, use our checklist to see if your plan still meets your needs.

Why Lifeguarding Legacies?

Heidi spent many years as a Counselor/Educator helping families with broken relationships.

With a strong background in understanding and predicting human behavior, Heidi can help you to avoid future conflict between family members.  She can build an estate plan that can save your family the time, hassle, and expense of probate, while preserving what you've worked to achieve for those you love and the causes you care most about.




Wills and Powers of Attorney


Deed Preparation

Informal Probate

The Process is Easy

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Free 90-minute strategy session.  We walk you through every important question so we can recommend the best possible plan.  Who do you love?  What causes do you care about?  Who can take care of important roles in your future?

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