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Hi I’m Heidi Thompson, as an expert in helping you Lifeguard your Legacy, I’ve seen that most people don’t think they have an estate.  But here’s the truth--you have an estate plan.  It’s called the state’s plan.  And if you don’t trust the state, you need to learn how to Lifeguard Your Legacy, ensuring that those assets you’ve worked for go to those you love and the causes you care about. 


My offer today is for my Book, Lifeguard Your Legacy – what every Arizonian should know about Estate Planning, which you can order on Amazon for $14.95, but for just $10 today, I’ll email the eBook and you can have it in your hands today!  My Arizonians will be delighted by the freebies that follow their book purchase. 

BUT if you are not an Arizonian, I’d still be happy to offer a 15-minute FREE consult to explain what might be different in your state and help to connect you with an attorney in my network near your home.

I prefer Venmo for payment @Heidi-Thompson-54.  I will reach out from Venmo to get your email address and send the eBook today and send you the link for the FREE consult.

If you don't have Venmo, email me: and we'll figure out a different way to do business together.