Talk, Talk, Talk

I like to talk. So it's no surprise that the word LAWYER is literally translated, mouthpiece. As an extrovert, I easily engage in social situations and end up having some great conversations with new friends.

But I love to teach. And I get the chance to do that a few times in October.

BREAKFAST: On October 2, at the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce Breakfast at Mimi's Bistro at Desert Ridge, I am the featured speaker. I'll be sharing more about the purposes for estate plans--and of course--I'll make it fun. Come be my guest, which makes admission free, but breakfast costs are up to you. Networking starts at 8, the program starts at 8:30, so I'll be speaking around 8:45. You will love my PMCC Family.

RADIO: And on October 16 at 11 a.m., I'll be the featured speaker on the PMCC radio show. More to come on that one.

If you are a part of any other groups that like speakers (from high school to the elderly, CPAs to bus drivers, anywhere in greater Phoenix), let me know. I'll find a way to communicate a message that will make sense and engage your audience because I like to talk and love to teach.